About Us

The DARKHORSE racehorses training center

The DARHORSE racehorse training centre started their activities on December 1st 2012 and within their capacity we are open to all the owners of racehorses.

The motivation for the foundation of this center was to create the conditions comparable to the best training centers to the west of our borders. We believe that only in such conditions the full potential of racehorses can be found out, developed and subsequently used. This approach has led us the deep respect for the abilities of these noble animal creatures, as well as the respect and responsibility for the investment carried out by the owners of horses.

The training center DARHORSE is open to all the owners of racehorses. Every owner, who has stabled his horses, has automatically become a member of the owners´club, which, inter alia, decides on important operational matters of the training center. The voting and decision-making rights are simple: 1 horse = 1 vote. For example, if most of the owners come to the conclusion that the trainer has failed to fulfill his duties, it can result in his dismissal. The purpose of this owners´ system is to remove the conflicting interests of the trainer-entrepreneur relation on the one hand and the owner-sponsor one on the other hand. The worsening economic situation and its negative impact on the racing environment has led to the further escalation of the relation between a trainer and an owner. The starting point cannot be the common practice in which the trainer is " forced to fleece his owner in the struggle for survival by all means," but the state in which the trainer is in the position of an employee professionally and economically dependent on the owners´ satisfaction. We believe that the owners´trust should rely on the possibility of the supervision and joint decision-making rights. Substantially, it is a successful model that is common, for example, in a number of golf clubs, only the entry fee is not paid here. It is interesting that the common membership transforms enemies and competitors into colleagues and friends sharing a common interest. For the purposes of friendly meetings of the owners of horses and their friends, a short time ago there were built the conference room, the large clubroom with the pool table, bar and kitchen, the room to sleep and the smaller fitness. The owners benefit from the five reliable sport horses including the two unique American horse breed Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse called Horse Rolls-Royce on which they can make trips into the surrounding countryside. The extremely attractive location at the memorable mountain Rip and the consequential Elbe downstream offer tourists a number of interesting possibilities.