Horses for sale

Koně na prodejIn this section you will find a list of horses in training, which can be purchased, leased or syndicalizated. This is not just about horses stabled in the DARHORSE center. There may also be introduced the other offers to sell horses from the other training centers, both from the Czech Republic and abroad. If you are interested in purchsing horses from abroad, we will provide all the administrative requirements including transporting horses to their destination.

If the interested person does not have enough wherewithal for purchasing a horse, in many cases it is possible to negotiate its lease. The economic conditions of the lease and its duration depend on the performance, age and health of the horse. The big advantage is that in a single day the selected horse can represent the new owner in the race.

The formation of the syndicate, either owners´ or leaseholders´, represents a very interesting alternative for those who want to share together with another person or other persons joys and sorrows of their selected racehorse.