We know that even the best training conditions do not mean much without a first-class team.

Zdeno Koplik – the head trainer
Zdeno Koplik has been the head trainer of racehorses in the DARHORSE center since May 1 st 2013. It is almost certain that Zdeno´s future profession had been determined before he was born on August 2nd 1969. The life of representative of a racing dynasty has always revolved around horses. Zdeno´s father was a successful steeplechase rider, riding, among others, for the collective farm Slušovice in its finest era . After finishing his riding career, Koplík, Sr. worked as a racehorse trainer in the Boleradice center. Both brothers René and Radek achieved the jockey title.
The influence of racing genes is also evident in Zdeno´s children. He is married to Ingrid, who is also the apprenticed breeder and groom. They have one daughter named Ingrid and one son called Philip. Ingrid, a talented rider, has also won the jockey title and currently works with her husband Vaclav Janacek as a work rider and jockey at trainer Arizcorrety in Madrid, Spain. Filip also tried as a flat and fence rider but due to his height he started to work as a work rider .
Zdeno was apprenticed in Velka Chuchle and at the beginning of his riding career he was associated with the collective farm Slusovice, where he worked for one year. Subsequently, he moved with his father to the Boleradice center where he worked as the first rider for several years. The year 1990 meant the end of horses in Boleradice and therefore Zdeno went to trainer Bastova to Bohuslav. His talent along with flat amphibious skills allowed him to ride firstly in the Velka pardubicka steeplechase in the same year. After two successful years in Bohuslav, Zdeno was given an offer from trainer Vaclav Chaloupka, with whom Zdeno won the jockey title. During three years he won three riding races as well. Zdeno demonstrated an extraordinary performance in 1995, when he was able to manage 17 jumps without stirrups and finished with that handicap in the second place. The exceptional riding achievements, strong family background and ,last but not least, a great demand for private trainers led Zdeno to the independence in 1995. For four years he cumulated the pose of a trainer and jockey. The major turning point in his career as a jockey meant the year 1999. It brought an unlucky fence fall in Velka pardubicka steeplechase. The consequences ot that fall were terrible. Among several other fractures and severe bruising , he suffered three fractured vertebrae in the lumbar region. The great job of the surgeons survived Zdeno´s life and the possibility to go. The operation lasted over twelve hours. The good fortune smiled on him but meant an early end of his extremely auspicious jockey career. Zdeno has worked solely as a racehorse trainer since 2000. The severe trauma and awareness of the seriousness of the risks race fences led to the subsequent preference of flat racing. The short list of his training achievements are the following :

  • over 150 victories in the flat land,
  • 67 victories of the I.category,
  • 2 victories in the Derby (the second twice in the Derby and the third four times in the Derby),
  • 3victories in the May price,
  • 2 victories in the Grand Prix of Prague,
  • 1victory in the Grand Prix of Turf,
  • 4 victories in the Spa mile,
  • 1BT victory in the category Listed in Italy.

Zdeno´s dutiful training job is behind the success of a number of horses, which are indelibly etched on the horse racing fans´memory. Such those horses certainly include the derby winners Tullamore and Normen , unique milers Torlus and Sharpour , first-class long distance riding horses Walisto and Mr. Dario, sprinters Another True Story and Kendy. The absolute top was represented by Trinity, which has been included in the breeding herd of the DARHORSE center. In the last year the initiative has been taken over by Leo Gali, Hidden Flame, Sky Pilot and Najinska.

The professionalism , extraordinary success, ability to bring up horses from yearlings and keep them in top forms for many years, a huge amount of experience and the relatively young age were the main reasons why Zdeno was given an offer to lead the DARHORSE racing center.

Tomas Lukasek – the first jockey and work rider in the flat land
Tomas Lukasek has been the first jockey of the training center and the permanent work rider since January 1 st, 2013. Tomas won the second twice places in the race in 2010 and 2011. From 2006 to 2011 Tomas belonged to the closest home riding elite in the flat land. Last year he tried to enforce abroad and accepted an offer in Malaysia, where he managed to win the Malaysian Derby. In 2011 and 2012 Tomas achived the great successes. Thomas also celebrated in Poland, where, in addition to the Polish Derby, he won the ST. Leger and Oaks . Tomas rode about 1200 races in the Czech Republic. He won the 180 of them, including 22 victories of I. category. In the Czech Republic Tomas rejoiced in three classic triumphs. Those were Spring Grand Prix of mares and twice St.Leger. He won other approximately 30 races abroad including the Austrian ST. Leger .
Tomas was apprenticed in 2002. After finishing his studies, he spent three years in Enland There he stayed at Amanda Perret and Walter Swinburne, who had been a brilliant and very successful jockey. After returning home he began to ride the races throughout Europe and in 2011 he left for Malaysia where he spent one year. He won 12 races including the aforementioned Gr.1 Malaysia Perak Derby.

Radek Koplík – the second jockey and work rider
Radek Koplík has been the second jockey of the training center and permanent work rider since April 1 2013. Radek has been a long-time member of the riding top. Radek's great talent was already evident in the student age, when he became a pupil champion twice. After his apprenticeship in 2000, he worked with trainers Zdeno Koplík and Dalibor Török. In Germany, he worked with trainer Peter Rau. In 2002 he cooperated with trainer Peter Hirsberga. Radek was the riding leader of the stable. Radek gained the very valuable international experience especially in England with trainers Marco Bottiho, Richard Hannon and Nicky Henndersona. There he worked for about three years. The interesting experience was brought by exotic Dubai, where he worked with trainer Al Mushaba Mulhariho less than a year. The talent, cultivated riding style, extraordinary calm and " sensitive hand" lines are Radek´s advantages that have helped him to achieve the five classic victories (1x Derby, 1x JCK, VJC 1x, 2x Oaks) and 52 victories of I.category. A certain handicap was Radek´s indiscipline in lifestyle and bad eating habits. In order to remove that handicap, Radek intensively works under the professional supervision, which is evident in the significant improvement in his riding form.

Carolina Průdková – the work rider and groom
Carolina is the daughter of longtime racehorse trainer Pavel Průdek. Her world has revolved around horses since her early childhood. Her home on the small farm Rakvice was also her father´s smaller training center. A couple of years, there have been especially prepared horse of the stables Euroframe - Váňová Slovak, the owner is ing.Hany Vankova, and Mr. Vinklárka´s horses . During her studies, Carolina worked at home not only as a groom, but also as a work rider. Shortly after her apprenticeship at the end of 2012 Carolina strengthened our DARHORSE center team. In particular, due to her family background Carolina is, despite her young age, the experienced work rider with a high degree of empathy for sensitive mares.

Veronika Lukášová – the work rider and groom
Veronika is a member of the " horse Dynasty“ Petrlík. Her grandfather Harry Petrlík was a very successful racehorse trainer, inter alia, trained Lancaster, the Winter of the Velka pardubicka steeplechase and all the horses prepared by him won all the classic races except a derby. Veronica's uncle Allan Petrlík has belonged to the home top trainers the number of years and is in charge of the preparing of the ambitious horse stables Rabbit Trhový Stepanov. Veronica 's father Harry Petrlík is a longtime horse trainer and a former successful racer who spent such a long period working in Slovakia and Austria. Veronica´s mother Alena Petrlíková was a very successful amateur rider, who achived to win the EC of amateur riders. In the spirit of family tradition Veronika graduated a racing course in Chuchle in 2001. After successful finishing of studies at the Business Academy in Prague, she joined the Center of the Austrian trainer Gerardo Martino. At that horse trainer she worked in the period from 2002 to 2006 and learned to be a professional racehorse rider there. In that period she ran over 150 races in Ebreichsdorf, Freudenau, Bratislava, Senica and Chuchle, three of which she could win. Her starts in Austria Preis and Graf Hugo Henckel Preis can be considered as the highlights in her riding career. In 2007, she moved to his uncle Allan Petrlík, where she was employed as a work rider . In 2008 Veronika went on a maternity leave and then in 2012 she started to work as a officer for the Services Administration Hall in Prague. That job lasted two years and took advantage of her second business-administrative education. Veronica desired to combine both professions for a long time. We are pleased that she has managed to fulfill her desire within the work team of the DARHORSE center, where both her professions have been applied.

Lukas Jirásek – the work rider and groom
Lukas has been a big fan of horseracing since his childhood. Unfortunately, for family reasons he could not finish his high school - breeders and grooms with the focus on horse racing . From 2007 he worked with trainers Lucie Vondrová, Dalibor Török and Svoboda. Subsequently, he left the Velka Chuchle and started to work with trainer Zdeno Koplik. In 2010, on the basis of cooperation with jockey Vaclav Janacek, he left for Spain. There he spent two years with the trainers Enrique Leon, Francisco Rodriguez, Theodora CALECHE and Ovid Rodriguez. After his return last year he became a member of the DARHORSE center work team. Lukas is physically well endowed, so is used in case of heavy and less controllable horses.


Bara Galatíková – the work rider and groom.





Filip Koplík – the work rider and groom