Price list

The basic price for the training of racehorses (the flat land, fences) includes the following services:

  • The daily training with using all the tracks of the DARHORSE center
  • The winter (or in case of bad weather) preparation and training in one of three riding halls.
  • The use outdoor training pool, possibly the indoor regenerative round pool according to the state of horse health and training needs.
  • The use of the grass and sand paddocks including guiding horses into the paddocks and back
  • The daily care of horses and the maintenance of box stalls
  • The feeding material corresponding with the individual needs of a horse, its health and level of load.
  • The standard vitamin and mineral supplements according to the state of horse health and its phase of preparation.
  • The basic veterinary supervision continuously provided by the vet – (MVDr. Dvořák)
  • The vet check of horse tendons with the professional ultrasound scan, before every race or at any time in case of suspicion in order to prevent any injuries
  • The continuoos information on the health and sport performance of horses.
  • The advertising presentation of owners - natural / legal persons on the website of the DARHORSE training center.
  • The use of Owners´ club - the owners´ clubhouse at any time within the working hours of the center.
  • In case of interest, the handover of the complex digital data monitoring the trainings of your horses (fast work).
  • Free parking inside the site.

In case a horse is not able to train a long time (more than one week) eg. due to any injury or illness, it will be charged only stabling.

The total one-day stable price of a (sick, injured) racehorse is 220,-CZK.

The requested services provided by third parties will be charged the owner according to the real amount of money. Other services not included in the basic price will be charged at a rate corresponding to the real prices in the Czech Republic. The basic price does not include the costs associated with the participation of a horse in horseraces in the Czech Republic or abroad.