The DARHORSE training center is open to a wide range of owners. In addition to the well-established stables we also welcome the smaller or start-up owners who are looking for the top-class training conditions for their horses. The ownership of a horse is very often a matter of various firms and trading companies, for which a successful racehorse can be an interesting advertising. The joint cheering on their horse it is very often used to being the unifying element and possibility for the management and their staff to spend the free time together at the races. The owner of a racehorse names the stable, chooses the jersey and according to their interests they are involved in the training process and have the say in the management of their horses in races. The racehorse can be purchased, rented, sponsored or syndicalisated. The choice of the specific variant depends on the objectives and financial possibilities as well. If you are interested, we warmly recommend a personal consultation. The indisputable advantage of the DARHORSE training center is that the owners do not need to deal with the future of the racehorses after their sport career. These horses, if their medical state allows, may be used for recreational riding. The mares and top stallions can be included in breeding or these horses can be provided with the dignified retirement on the most extensive pastures in Central Europe