(Most of these devices are now in service, the remaining ones are to be finished by the end of March 2013)

  • The high-quality micro-wood-chip allweather oval track with the length of 1,600 m and the width of 4 m, according to the English model, this is the only track of its kind in Central Europe,
  • The straight micro-wood-chip allweather track with the length of 1,500 m and the width of 4 m, the so-called sleeve connecting to the oval, the longest straight track in the Czech Republic
  • The unique 200 m long oval indoor track called trapring with the micro-wood-chip allweather surface
  • The high-quality straight grass track 1000 m long and 60 m wide,
  • The grass oval track about 1500 m long and 10 m wide, it is the inner part of the micro-wood-chip allweather track,
  • The other maintained grass tracks over 10km long,
  • The indoor roundabout with special surface
  • The indoor round riding hall with banked surface,
  • The interior heated round pool for training and regeneration,
  • The totally unique 70 m long outdoor pool for training horses
  • The indoor hall 45x15 micro-wood-chip dust-free surface,
  • The indoor hall 40x18 m micro-wood-chip dust-free surface,
  • The indoor hall 25x18 micro-wood-chip dust-free surface for longeing and first saddling horses
  • The outdoor inside premises used as the sand riding hall 60x30 m,
  • The possible use of many forest roads in the forests belonging to the site,
  • The rugged landscape, including the significant European bridleways,
  • The real paddocks and pastures (not at all in the Czech Republic popular runs for rabbits), the area has over 150 ha of high greenness pastures with wooden board horse fences,
  • The winter sand paddocks with wooden board horse fences